Electric Fencing

MB 3

SKU: 3501
The MB3 Mains/Battery Electric Fence Energizer is a powerful and versatile energizer suitable for small to moderate permanent electric fencing needs. With a peak output energy of 3.0 Joules, this energizer is capable of powering up an electric fence.
$264.00 USD

MB 8

SKU: 3502
The MB 8 Electric Fence IP Energizer®, is the perfect solution for animal control. This energizer comes equipped with a range of new styling and features that set it apart from the rest, including an audible warning for serious faults and patented Auto-Sync TM Technology, which ensures that your fences remain safe and secure.
$423.20 USD

MB 16

SKU: 3503
The MB16 is a 16 Joule Mains (via AC Plug Pack) or Battery Energizer (Battery not included)
$680.00 USD
Parmak Mark 8 Fence Energizer from Margo Supplies

Parmak Mark 8 Fence Energizer

SKU: 3101
Shocks through wet weeds, brush, and over dry ground. For medium to large fences and includes built-in voltmeter.
$210.40 USD
Parmak Super Energizer 5 from Margo Supplies

Parmak Super Energizer 5

SKU: 3102
The Parmak Super Energizer 5 controls predators and livestock with a powerful but safe electric charge. Powerful energizer for large electric fences.
$228.00 USD
Parmak Range Master Fence Energizer

Parmak Range Master Fence Energizer

SKU: 3100
The Parmak Range Master Fence Energizer is the strongest Parmak energizer available. Suitable for large and very large electric fences.
$357.00 USD
Parmak Rechargeable Gel Battery

Parmak Rechargeable Gel Battery

SKU: 3005
The Parmak Rechargeable Gel Battery is a replacement for Parmak Solar 6 and Parmak Solar Magnum 12 fence energizers.
$48.20 USD

Fault Finder

SKU: 3507
The Electric Fence Fault Finder makes finding shorts on electric fences easy with its arrow-following feature. This device, also known as the Electric Fence Power Probe, comes with a waterproof design and ergonomic case that keeps fingers away from high voltage.
$93.60 USD

Plug Pack

SKU: 3506
The Plug Pack is designed for use with solar chargers (Solar 6 Energizer & Solar 12 Energizer). Simply unplug the solar panel and plug in the plug pack to begin charging the internal battery.
$32.00 USD