Electric Fencing

Solar Case Kit for Electra from Margo Supplies

Solar Case Kit for Margo Electra

SKU: 1103
The Solar Case Kit for Electra is a weather-resistant battery box with a mounted Solar panel. Kit maintains charge needed for Electra Cannons.
$325.00 USD
Wood Post Gate Anchor from Margo Supplies

Wood Post Gate Anchor

SKU: 3094
Screw-in style anchor that accommodates all styles of gate handles.
$5.40 USD
Wrap Around Insulator Tube from Margo Supplies

Wrap-Around Insulator Tube

SKU: 3043
The Wrap-Around Insulator Tube is a heavy-duty, high-voltage insulator tubing. Resistant to cuts and UV damage.
$11.40 USD

Ground Plate

SKU: 3049
Ground Plates are the solution for grounding temporary fences, particularly in areas with difficult ground.
$18.70 USD

Ground Rod

SKU: 3048
Ground Rods provide a permanent grounding connection that reaches deeper in high humidity soil, creating a better connection.
$7.25 USD
Ground Rod Clamp for Electric Fencing from Margo Supplies

Ground Rod Clamp

SKU: 3050
The Ground Rod Clamp ensures a good connection between grounding and fence energizer.
$3.40 USD
Parmak Mag 12 Fence Energizer from Margo Supplies

Parmak Mag 12 Fence Energizer

SKU: 3001
Parmak Mag 12 Fence Energize is the most popular battery-operated fence charger for use in remote areas. Powers small to medium-sized fences.
$157.50 USD
Large Electric Fence Warning Sign from Margo Supplies

Large Electric Fence Warning Sign

SKU: 3031
A large high visibility sign made of durable aluminum. The universal visual warning is clear in any language.
$12.50 USD
Parmak Super Energizer 5 from Margo Supplies

Parmak Super Energizer 5

SKU: 3102
The Parmak Super Energizer 5 controls predators and livestock with a powerful but safe electric charge. Powerful energizer for large electric fences.
$228.00 USD