Electric Fencing

Nicropress Crimping Tool

SKU: 3511
Multi-groove hand tool for pressing sleeves and line taps.
$83.00 USD
1/16" Cable Clamps For Electric Fencing from Margo Supplies

5/64″ Cable Clamps

SKU: 3125
1/16" Cable Clamps are a fast and easy way to connect fence wires. Re-usable for portable fencing
$0.25 USD

Split Bolts

SKU: 3126
Re-useable wire connectors for permanent and portable electric fences.
$2.10 USD

Rub’R Insulated Gate Handles

SKU: 3600
Rub'R Insulated Gate Handles are insulated gate handles for safe entry and exit of electric fences. An internal spring keeps the wires tight when closed.
$3.40 USD

Margo Electric Bungee Gate

SKU: 3028
The Margo Electric Bungee Gate is ideal for on/off gateways.
Electrigate Expandable Gate

Electrigate Expandable Gate

SKU: 3602
Stretches to fit openings from 7’ to 20’. The stretchable bungee material works in all temperatures and will not sag over time.
$22.50 USD

Electrified Gate

SKU: 3081
Electrified swing gates, which allows easy access for foot and vehicle traffic. Available in 6’, 12’, and 24’ lengths.

Parmak Taper Charger

SKU: 3061
The Parmak Taper Charger keeps batteries topped up during storage, ensuring maximum battery life.
Post Pounder from Margo Supplies

Post Pounder

SKU: 3502
The Post Pounder helps to quickly install fence posts on challenging ground.
$40.00 USD