Electric Fencing

Margo Solar 12 Fence Energizer

Margo Solar 12 Fence Energizer

SKU: 3003
Margo Solar 12 Fence Energizer is a portable solar-powered electric fence energizer in a weatherproof case with a frost-proof rechargeable 12V battery.
$442.35 USD

Electra Netting

SKU: 3093
Alternating positive/negative wire portable electric bear fence. The Electra Netting is light and easy to install.
$178.50 USD

T-Post Mounting Bracket for Solar Energizer

SKU: 3016
The T-Post Mounting Bracket for Solar Energizer is a mounting component for Solar Energizers. 
$16.00 USD

BayGard HV Electric Fence Tape

SKU: 3111
BayGard HV Electric Fence Tape is easy to work with and highly visible. Excellent for livestock fencing.
Cable Cutters from Margo Supplies

Cable Cutters

SKU: 3500
Cable cutters make a clean quick cut, eliminating frayed wire ends, and will remain sharp for years.
$26.80 USD
Oval Crimps in Electric Fencing from Margo Supplies

5/64″ Aluminum Oval Crimps

SKU: 3400
5/64" Aluminum Oval Crimps are used to make electrical connections for electric fencing. 25 crimps per bag.
$4.00 USD

Galvanized Stranded Steel Wire

SKU: 3015
Galvanized Stranded Steel Wire for Electric Fencing is the ideal material for electric fences, suitable for temporary and permanent fences.
BayGard Electric Fence Wire

BayGard Super Heavy Duty Wire

SKU: 3117
The BayGard Super Heavy Duty Fence Wire is PVC-coated fiberglass cords that provide the strongest wire and tape on the market. This wire will not sag on the fence in hot weather as other brands do. Orange for high visibility no matter the season. No Tensioners required.
$35.00 USD
Small Wire Rope Gripple

Small Wire Rope Gripple

SKU: 3401
Create quick wire connections and tension the fence line with this one simple tool. For use with Galvanized Steel Cable system.
$1.65 USD