Electric Fence Insulators keep your fence charged. Having a charged fence is integral in excluding animals from the controlled area. Insulators use a material that does not conduct electricity which allows the current to flow through the wire. We are experts in electric fencing and we carry a wide variety of insulators to accommodate your fencing needs.

Wood Post Tower Insulator

SKU: 3311
The Wood Post Tower Insulator is for use with high tensile & standard wire, polywire & rope up to 3/8".
$9.00 USD
Nail-On Insulator from Margo Supplies

Nail-On Insulator

SKU: 3300
The Nail-On Insulator is an affordable and durable electric fence insulator. Nails onto wood posts. Keeps wire ¾” from posts.
$8.50 USD
Dare Screw-Tight Round Post Insulator

Dare Screw-Tight Round Post Insulator

SKU: 3331
Insulate round posts 1/4” to 7/8” in diameter. The Spin-On Insulators are easy to install and can be adjusted with the fence on.
$8.00 USD
Pin Lock Wood Post Insulators

Pin Lock Wood Post Insulators

SKU: 3301
Pin Lock Wood Post Insulator locks and unlocks fence wire for ease of installation and enables wires to be dropped quickly.
$11.00 USD
Wrap Around Insulators

Dare Wrap Around Insulators

SKU: 3313
19” insulated tubing with one flat side to tightly fit against a post. Useful for tying off wire at fence end posts.
$1.80 USD
Ring Insulator from Margo Supplies

Ring Insulator

SKU: 3302
The Ring Insulator for wood posts holds rope up to 8mm thick, 1/2" tape and wire.
$14.40 USD
Wrap Around Insulator Tube from Margo Supplies

Wrap-Around Insulator Tube

SKU: 3312
The Wrap-Around Insulator Tube is a heavy-duty, high-voltage insulator tubing. Resistant to cuts and UV damage.
$12.11 USD

Pin Lock Wrap-Around Insulators

SKU: 3303
Made from durable black UV-resistant plastic, ideal for any wood or steel posts.
$13.52 USD
Chain Link Fence Stand-off Insulators from Margo Supplies

Chain Link Fence Stand-off Insulators

SKU: 3320
Quickly and affordably add an electric fence outrigger to existing fences, including chain link fences.
$15.96 USD