Having the proper tools can make all the difference when it comes to electric fences. We provide all the necessary tools to ensure that you get the most out of your electric fence. Having the correct tools allows you to construct an effective wildlife exclusion fence with ease. We carry cable cutters, post-pounders, tensioning tools, and many other electric fence tools to make fence assembly a breeze.

Fault Finder

SKU: 3507
The Electric Fence Fault Finder makes finding shorts on electric fences easy with its arrow-following feature. This device, also known as the Electric Fence Power Probe, comes with a waterproof design and ergonomic case that keeps fingers away from high voltage.
$93.60 USD
Parmak 6 Lite Electric Fence Tester

Parmak 6 Lite Electric Fence Tester

SKU: 3008
The Parmak 6 Lite Electric Fence Tester is a quick way to test your electric fence and locate shorts. The light indicates the approximate voltage output up to 10,000v.
$14.00 USD
Parmak Digital Electric Fence Tester

Parmak Digital Electric Fence Tester

SKU: 3009
The Parmak Digital Electric Fence Tester measures fence performance and diagnoses fence problems. For use with all low-impedance fence chargers.
$52.00 USD
Cable Cutters from Margo Supplies

Cable Cutters

SKU: 3012
Cable cutters make a clean quick cut, eliminating frayed wire ends, and will remain sharp for years.
$26.80 USD

Heavy Duty Easy Reel Wire Winder and Spool

SKU: 3020
Rugged wire spool for easy dispensing or rewinding of fence wire. Works on both poly wire and galvanized stranded steel wire.
$63.75 USD
Wire Winder and Spool

Wire Winder and Spool

SKU: 3027
Wire Winder and Spool allow you to re-use poly wire and galvanized steel cable by spooling up the wire during fence tear down.
$7.40 USD
Wheel Wire Tensioner Tool

Wheel Wire Tensioner Tool

SKU: 3040
The Wheel Wire Tensioner Tool is used in conjunction with Wire Tension Wheels for tightening long fence sections.
$23.90 USD

Gripple Tensioning Tool

SKU: 3123
Tension fence wires with the Gripple Tensioning Tool. A quick and easy way to acquire the necessary tension in fence wires.
$86.40 USD

Nicropress Crimping Tool

SKU: 3124
Multi-groove hand tool for pressing sleeves and line taps.
$83.00 USD