Electric Fencing

Ground Rod

SKU: 3440
Ground Rods provide a permanent grounding connection that reaches deeper in high humidity soil, creating a better connection.

Ground Plate

SKU: 3441
Ground Plates are the solution for grounding temporary fences, particularly in areas with difficult ground.
$18.70 USD

Ground Rod Clamp

SKU: 3442
The Ground Rod Clamp ensures a good connection between grounding and fence energizer.
Large Electric Fence Warning Sign from Margo Supplies

Large Electric Fence Warning Sign

SKU: 3520
A large high visibility sign made of durable aluminum. The universal visual warning is clear in any language.
$12.50 USD
Small Electric Fence Warning Signs

Small Electric Fence Warning Sign

SKU: 3521
Highly visible vinyl warning sign. Double-sided for English or French.
$1.36 USD
Dare Sentry Fence Energizer

Dare Sentry Fence Energizer

SKU: 3011
The Dare Sentry Fence Energizer is a lightweight portable electric fence energizer. The Sentry is great for backcountry use.
$172.40 USD

Aluminum Tie (100/pk)

SKU: 3308
Aluminum Ties for heavy-duty corner insulators
$8.50 USD

Fence Line Indicator

SKU: 3099
Fence Line Indicators help to identify where the fence wires are. Uses a K-clip to attach 5" white flag to the fence line, with minimal movement.  
$9.69 USD