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Solar SV10

SKU: 3010
The Solar 12 Energizer is a top-of-the-line energizer utilizing a 12V lithium-iron battery, integrated high mono-crystalline 10W solar panel, and UV stable polycarbonate housing.
$449.00 USD

Solar 6 Energizer

SKU: 3009
The Solar 6 is a solar-powered electric fence Energizer that delivers reliable power straight out of the box. This Energizer is ideal for anyone on the go as it provides a portable solution and requires no battery replacements. The integrated design includes a 6W solar panel that charges the inbuilt battery, allowing the Energizer to run continuously off the battery.
$384.00 USD

MB 8

SKU: 3007
The MB 8 Electric Fence IP Energizer®, is the perfect solution for animal control. This energizer comes equipped with a range of new styling and features that set it apart from the rest, including an audible warning for serious faults and patented Auto-Sync TM Technology, which ensures that your fences remain safe and secure.
$423.20 USD
Parmak Mark 8 Fence Energizer from Margo Supplies

Parmak Mark 8 Fence Energizer

SKU: 3031
Shocks through wet weeds, brush, and over dry ground. For medium to large fences and includes built-in voltmeter.
$210.40 USD
Parmak Range Master Fence Energizer

Parmak Range Master Fence Energizer

SKU: 3020
The Parmak Range Master Fence Energizer is the strongest Parmak energizer available. Suitable for large and very large electric fences.
$357.00 USD
Dare Sentry Fence Energizer

Dare Sentry Fence Energizer

SKU: 3011
The Dare Sentry Fence Energizer is a lightweight portable electric fence energizer. The Sentry is great for backcountry use.
$172.40 USD
Critter Gitter

Critter Gitter Animal Repeller

SKU: 4008
We are proud to offer the Margo Gadfly, an effective motion-sensing device that deters animals using customizable sensitivity.
$75.00 USD

Critter Gitter Enhancer

SKU: 4014
Strobe siren enhancer for the Critter Gitter. The additional source of light and sound increase the effectiveness of the Critter Gitter.
$54.00 USD

Polar Bears: A Guide to Safety DVD

SKU: 4203
Insightful DVD from leading experts and Inuit elders on traveling, working, and living in Polar Bear country.
$19.95 USD