Electric Fencing

Medium Gripple for Electric Fencing from Margo Supplies

Medium Wire Rope Gripple

SKU: 3402
Join, secure and tighten wire in seconds. Easy to use. Saves time and effort and is reusable. For use with Hi-Tensile Wire.
$1.74 USD
Nicropress Wire Taps

Nicropress Wire Taps

SKU: 3403
Make strong electrical connections with Nicropress Wire Taps.
$48.50 USD

Wire Winder and Spool

SKU: 3027
Wire Winder and Spool allow you to re-use poly wire and galvanized steel cable by spooling up the wire during fence tear down.
Wheel Wire Tensioner Tool

Wheel Wire Tensioner Tool

SKU: 3040
The Wheel Wire Tensioner Tool is used in conjunction with Wire Tension Wheels for tightening long fence sections.
$23.90 USD
Wheel Wire Tensioner

Wheel Wire Tensioner

SKU: 3404
Tension long fence sections to separate fur and deliver a shock to the hide. For Hi-Tensile and Stranded Steel Wire systems.
$4.20 USD

Underground/Hook-Up Wire

SKU: 3120
Double insulated, galvanized wire for electric fencing hook/ups, undergrounds, and electrical connections.

Snapmax Clips

SKU: 3054
Snapmax Clips are used on fibreglass line posts for a quick and secure wire fastener. Used to set and adjust wire height.

2″ U-Clips

SKU: 3455
2" U-Clips are for use with drilled fiberglass posts. The clip slides onto holes drilled in the post and holds the wire in position.
$0.26 USD

Gripple Tensioning Tool

SKU: 3509
Tension fence wires with the Gripple Tensioning Tool. A quick and easy way to acquire the necessary tension in fence wires.
$86.40 USD