Parmak Range Master Fence Energizer

$357.00 USD

Total: $357.00
  • Control your livestock and deter predators with the most technologically advanced Parmak fence charger
  • Ideal for large pastures
  • The helpful, ultra-high visible LED lights show the condition of the fence

The Parmak Range Master Fence Energizer is the most powerful Parmak model capable of a 100-mile range. Operates on 110-20 Volt A.C., low impedance, maximum shock output power to control wildlife or livestock.

Digital performance meter shows voltage on the fence, accurate within 100 volts. Ultra-high visible, multi-colored LED lights show the condition of the fence. Audible and visible Shut Down Alarm sounds when the fence charger is not functioning properly. Advanced computer-controlled circuitry, with rugged, high-impact ABS housing. Fuse protection and CSA approved. 3 Year Warranty.



Open Circuit Voltage = 16,000 volts

500 ohm Voltage = 9,750 volts

100 ohm Voltage = 7,500 volts

50 ohm Voltage = 4,600 volts

Additional information

Weight 2.88 kg
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 5 cm