Parmak Super Energizer 5

$228.00 USD

Total: $228.00
  • Deter predators and control livestock with a powerful but safe electric charge
  • Designed to energize large electric fences
  • Built to shock through wet weeds and brush

The Parmak Super Energizer 5 is equipped with a built-in performance meter. Shocks through wet weeds, brush and over extremely dry ground. Use Super Energizer to control both predators and livestock. It has double fuse protection and is CSA approved. Two year warranty.

Your new Energizer purchase includes a complimentary surge protector. To ensure the utmost protection for your energizer and mitigate the need for costly repairs, please make sure to use this free surge protector with this energizer.


Open Circuit Voltage = 14,500 volts

500 ohm Voltage = 8,750 volts

100 ohm Voltage = 6,300 volts

50 ohm Voltage = 4,300 volts

Additional information

Weight 3.87 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 10.5 × 6 cm