MB 1.5

$200.00 USD

Total: $200.00

The MB 1.5 Energizer is a powerful and reliable 110V Mains or Battery powered Electric Fence Energizer suitable for small-sized semi-permanent to permanent electric fences.


  • 1.5 Joule peak output energy powers up to 15 miles of fence.
  • LED Energizer and fence status indicator for easy monitoring.
  • Large easy-to-use fence terminals and O-Ring sealed enclosure for ant and moisture protection.
  • Easy to mount on a wall orĀ  post with 2 screws

*The actual acres or kilometers of fence powered by this Energizer depends on your farm fence conditions and therefore varies greatly. We recommend speaking to a sales person for guidance on the best energizer for your specific needs.

Your new Energizer purchase includes a complimentary surge protector. To ensure the utmost protection for your energizer and mitigate the need for costly repairs, please make sure to use this free surge protector with this energizer.