MB 8

$423.20 USD

Total: $423.20
  • MB 8 Electric Fence IP Energizer┬« for animal control and easy fencing
  • Patented Auto-Sync TM Technology for safe and secure fences
  • Wi-Fi enabled IOT energizer for remote monitoring and control
  • 8J (12J stored) output energy, LCD display, and power-on-demand technology for effective performance

The MB 8 Electric Fence IP Energizer®, is the perfect solution for animal control that makes fencing a breeze! This energizer comes equipped with a range of new styling and features that set it apart from the rest, including an audible warning for serious faults and patented Auto-Sync TM Technology, which ensures that your fences remain safe and secure.

But that’s not all – this latest version also brings you the world’s first Wi-Fi enabled IOT energizer, allowing you to monitor and control your energizer from anywhere in the world using your smartphone or tablet.

The MB 8 Energizer is available as a mains (via AC Plug-Pack) or 12V battery-operated device (battery not included). With 8J (12J stored) output energy, this energizer is powerful enough to handle all your fencing needs! The LCD display shows fence voltage, stored energy, and battery voltage, and the energizer is designed with power-on-demand technology that automatically ramps up power when needed.

Other features of the MB 8 include bi-polar or conventional output, reverse battery protection, highly efficient and intelligent digital design, UV stable enclosure, and an O-Ring sealed case for ant and moisture protection. This rugged and practical energizer is designed and manufactured locally, ensuring quality and durability.

Included in the package are the MB 8 Energizer, battery to energizer leads, AC Power Adapter (230Vac input – 24Vdc output), and manual/instructions. Please note that you will need a suitable high-voltage cable (not included) for connection from the energizer live terminal to the fence.

Upgrade your animal control and fencing needs with the reliable and efficient MB16 Electric Fence IP Energizer® today!

*The actual acres or kilometers of fence powered by this Energiser depends on your farm fence conditions and therefore varies greatly. We recommend speaking to a sales person for guidance on the best energizer for your specific needs.

Your new Energizer purchase includes a complimentary surge protector. To ensure the utmost protection for your energizer and mitigate the need for costly repairs, please make sure to use this free surge protector with this energizer.