MB 3

$264.00 USD

Total: $264.00
  • 3 Joules Output
  • LED Energizer and Fence Status Indicator
  • Large Easy to use Fence Terminals
  • 4.2 Joules Stored
  • up to 10 kV Output
  • Mains or Battery
  • Powerful, Tough, UV Stable, O-ring sealed

The MB3 Mains/Battery Electric Fence Energizer is a powerful and versatile energizer suitable for small to moderate permanent electric fencing needs. With a peak output energy of 3.0 Joules, this energizer is capable of powering up an electric fence.

One of the most impressive features of this energizer is its ability to be powered from either 240Vac mains or a 12V battery. In addition, it is also compatible with our new 50W Solar Kits! The energizer comes equipped with an AC Power Adapter (230Vac input – 12Vdc output) for use on mains, and alligator clips for use on a 12V battery (battery not included).

The MB3 energizer also features a user-friendly LED energizer and fence status indicator, large easy-to-use fence terminals, O-Ring sealed enclosure for ant and moisture protection, lightning protection, and a UV stable enclosure. It is easy to mount on a wall with just 2 screws, and is approved to Australian Safety Standards.

Upgrade your electric fence setup today with the reliable and efficient MB3 Mains/Battery Electric Fence Energizer!

*The actual acres or kilometers of fence powered by this Energizer depends on your farm fence conditions and therefore varies greatly. We recommend speaking to a salesperson for guidance on the best energizer for your specific needs.

Your new Energizer purchase includes a complimentary surge protector. To ensure the utmost protection for your energizer and mitigate the need for costly repairs, please make sure to use this free surge protector with this energizer.

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