Solar SV10

$449.00 USD

Total: $449.00
  • High-impact polycarbonate waterproof energizer case with built-in carry handle
  • Solar-powered lithium-iron battery
  • Electronic readout on LCD Display (fence voltage and output joules)
  • Instant battery level readout
  • JVA Brand

The SV10 Energizer is a top-of-the-line energizer utilizing a 12V lithium-iron battery, integrated high mono-crystalline 10W solar panel, and UV stable polycarbonate housing. LCD display shows fence voltage, stored energy, and battery voltage. Large fence connection terminals ensure an easy installation when connecting to your fence. Power on demand (energizer automatically ramps up power when needed). O-ring sealed housing for insect and moisture protection. Energizer has over-discharge battery protection. Basic lightning protection within the energizer. The SV10 is capable of powering small to medium-sized fences* (up 5 km of charged wire in certain conditions).

Not recommended for use in areas where average sun hours are below 6 per day.


  • Powers small to medium-sized fences
  • Integrated Solar Panel, Battery, and bracket, nothing to add!
  • Auto-SyncTM Technology for safer fences
  • Larger LCD shows fence voltage, stored energy, battery voltage, and Sun and Power symbols
  • 7.8Ah 12V Lithium Battery
  • Power on demand (automatically ramps up power when needed)
  • Battery management system for battery protection (Lithium & Lead Acid)
  • Highly efficient and intelligent digital design
  • Basic lightning protection
  • UV Stable enclosure
  • O-ring sealed case for insect and moisture protection

*The actual acres or kilometers of fence powered by this Energiser depends on your farm fence conditions and therefore varies greatly. We recommend speaking to a sales representative for guidance on the best energizer for your specific needs.

Warranty: 3-year Manufacturer Warranty Excludes Lightning coverage.

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