Solar 6 Energizer

$384.00 USD

Total: $384.00
  • Solar-powered electric fence Energizer
  • Integrated 6W solar panel and battery
  • Auto-Sync TM Technology for safer fences
  • Large LCD displays fence voltage, stored energy, and battery voltage

The Solar 6 is a solar-powered electric fence Energizer that delivers reliable power straight out of the box. This Energizer is ideal for anyone on the go as it provides a portable solution and requires no battery replacements. The integrated design includes a 6W solar panel that charges the inbuilt battery, allowing the Energizer to run continuously off the battery.

Please note: The Solar 6 is not recommended for use in areas where average sun hours are below 6 per day.


  • 0.6J output Integrated
  • 6W solar panel, battery, and bracket, no additional equipment required
  • Auto-Sync TM Technology for safer fences
  • New larger LCD displays fence voltage, stored energy, and battery voltage
  • Power on demand automatically increases power when needed
  • Over-discharge battery protection
  • Basic lightning protection
  • Highly efficient and intelligent digital design
  • UV stable enclosure
  • O-ring sealed case for ant and moisture protection

*The actual acres or kilometers of fence powered by this Energiser depends on your farm fence conditions and therefore varies greatly. We recommend speaking to a sales person for guidance on the best energizer for your specific needs.

Warranty: The Solar 6 comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

Additional information

Weight 5.90 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 16 cm