Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing is a highly effective wildlife management tool to completely exclude animals from a control area. Especially effective at deterring bears.

Custom Heavy-Duty Portable Electric Fence System

SKU: 3089X
The Custom Heavy-Duty Portable Fence System from Margo supplies is for temporary and semi-permanent applications. Ideal for apiaries, cabins, backyard agriculture, and camps.
$1,114.47 USD

Custom Ultra-Portable Electric Fence System

SKU: 3090X
The Custom Ultra-Portable Electric Fence System from Margo Supplies is for those interested in a custom lightweight, portable, four-strand poly-wire electric fence kit. Designed for short stays in bear country.

Fault Finder

SKU: 3507
The Electric Fence Fault Finder makes finding shorts on electric fences easy with its arrow-following feature. This device, also known as the Electric Fence Power Probe, comes with a waterproof design and ergonomic case that keeps fingers away from high voltage.
$93.60 USD

MB 1.5

SKU: 3500
The MB 1.5 Energizer is a powerful and reliable 110V Mains or Battery powered Electric Fence Energizer suitable for small-sized semi-permanent to permanent electric fences.
$200.00 USD

MB 16

SKU: 3503
The MB16 is a 16 Joule Mains (via AC Plug Pack) or Battery Energizer (Battery not included)
$680.00 USD

MB 3

SKU: 3501
The MB3 Mains/Battery Electric Fence Energizer is a powerful and versatile energizer suitable for small to moderate permanent electric fencing needs. With a peak output energy of 3.0 Joules, this energizer is capable of powering up an electric fence.
$264.00 USD

MB 8

SKU: 3502
The MB 8 Electric Fence IP Energizer®, is the perfect solution for animal control. This energizer comes equipped with a range of new styling and features that set it apart from the rest, including an audible warning for serious faults and patented Auto-Sync TM Technology, which ensures that your fences remain safe and secure.
$423.20 USD

Nite Lite V2

SKU: 3508
Introducing the Pulsar Nite Lite v2 - the ultimate electric fence indicator light! Seven high-intensity LEDs for a bright and long-lasting display Waterproof and rugged design for use in harsh environments Easy installation using stainless wire twists Compatible with Energizers with 1.0 Joules output or more. Please see pictures for wiring diagram.
$15.40 USD

Plug Pack

SKU: 3506
The Plug Pack is designed for use with solar chargers (Solar 6 Energizer & Solar 12 Energizer). Simply unplug the solar panel and plug in the plug pack to begin charging the internal battery.
$32.00 USD