Audio Bird & Animal Repellers

Nylon Bullwhip

SKU: 1712
The Nylon Bullwhip (6ft) is fast and easy to crack. The crack combined with visual effect of a swinging whip scare works on various wildlife.

Poly Bullwhip

SKU: 1714
The Poly Bullwhip - 8ft creates a loud cracking noise that scares wildlife from the area.
$120.00 USD

Poly Stock Whip

SKU: 1715
The Poly Stock Whip is made from high-quality polyethylene, making them more durable than nylon and require no breaking in period. Unlike nylon, polyethylene does not deteriorate when exposed to UV rays.
$130.00 USD

Rancher Bullwhip

SKU: 1710
Made of durable nylon coated with linseed oil for extra protection from the elements. The sonic boom scares wildlife and keeps them away.

Rancher Stockwhip

SKU: 2101
The Rancher Stockwhip is the oldest wildlife deterrent on the planet. The Rancher Stockwhip is durable and resistant to water and dirt.
$90.00 USD
Replacement Whip Crackers

Replacement Whip Crackers

SKU: 2106
Replacement Whip Crackers sold in packs of 5. These replacements are intended for the ends of Stockwhips and Bullwhips
$10.20 USD

Bird Gard 4 Speaker Box for Super Pro

SKU: 1814
Replacement speaker for the Bird Gard Super Pro.
$298.00 USD

Bird Gard External Speaker

SKU: 1813
Replacement external speaker for the Bird Gard. Compatible with Bird Gard Pro, Pro Plus, and Super Pro.
$50.00 USD

Bird Gard PA4

SKU: 1806
The Bird Gard PA4 emits low frequency sounds specifically designed to deter geese and other large problem birds.
$525.00 USD