Rancher Stockwhip

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  • Working whip that is resistant to weather and dirt
  • The 8-foot long whip is easy to crack and shot-loaded for fast action
  • The wooden swivel handle allows for easy action and overhead cracks
  • Linseed oil-treated nylon is resistant to wet weather and humidity
  • Replaceable fall and cracker

Whips have been continuously in use since humans first started domesticating animals. When cracked, the end of the whip breaks the sound barrier, creating a sonic boom that echoes across a surprisingly large area. The visual effect of the swinging whip adds a second element of fear, keeping birds on edge and afraid.

Featuring a two-piece design with a wooden handle and the body of the whip attached but able to swivel. More common in Australia, stockwhips have been used for centuries. The linseed oil-treated nylon whip is extremely resistant to weather and use – experienced whip crackers will find it a little stiff until it is worn in. The 8’ length provides relatively fast action and is easier to crack than shorter varieties. Visit Western Stage Props to learn how to whipcrack.

The Rancher Stockwhip is durable and suitable to all climates. Whips don’t run out of batteries or use ammunition, making it an affordable additional to your bird scare tool-belt. Excellent for use in sensitive areas where other products are not suitable, such as around terminals at airports.

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