Animal Motion-Activated Alarms

Animal Motion-Activated Alarms are a versatile wildlife deterrent that is effective across many species including Bears, Wolves, Coyotes, Mountain Lions / Cougars / Pumas and Lynx / Bobcats.

Predator Deterrent Light

SKU: 2601
The Predator Deterrent Light is a LED light source that dissuades predators like bears, wolves, foxes, etc.
$150.00 USD
Margo Gadfly Animal Alarm from Margo Supplies

Margo Critter Guard

SKU: 4001
The Margo Critter Guard is a motion detection alarm that uses sirens and lights to broadly deter a variety of species up to 11m away.
$65.00 USD
Critter Gitter

Critter Gitter Animal Repeller

SKU: 4008
We are proud to offer the Margo Gadfly, an effective motion-sensing device that deters animals using customizable sensitivity.
$75.00 USD

Critter Gitter Enhancer

SKU: 4014
Strobe siren enhancer for the Critter Gitter. The additional source of light and sound increase the effectiveness of the Critter Gitter.
$54.00 USD