Range Extender Rocket (For Wildlife Professionals Only)

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  • Price per rocket
  • Boost the range of 15mm pyrotechnic scare cartridges by 215m (700ft)
  • Stack cartridges for a multi-stage scare effect
  • The most cost-effective long-range bird deterrent

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USA CUSTOMERS: ATF requires a Federal Explosives License (FEL) to purchase this product.YOU MUST BE AN FEL HOLDER OR GOVERNMENT AGENCY TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT.Federal, State, and Municipal government agencies (Fish and Wildlife, county landfills, airports) are exempt from this requirement. YOU WILL BE ASKED FOR PROOF AT CHECKOUT.

Cost-Effective Long Distance rocket boosts the range of any standard 15mm cartridges more than 700′ (230m) range. Simply insert any 15mm cartridge, such as Bangers or Screamers , into the end of the rocket and fire. The Range Extender Rocket was developed by Margo Supplies to provide an affordable alternative to costly CAPA cartridges, while still allowing wildlife managers to deter birds at a distance. The Range Extender is relied upon by international airports and professional wildlife managers across Canada.

Create a Multi-Stage Scare effect by stacking two or three pyrotechnics cartridges onto the range extender. The rocket emits a loud “wooshing” noise and acts as a standalone visual bird scarer before initiating the pyrotechnic payload at the end of the rocket’s range. Combine a Screamer Booster with a Comet Banger for a very strong audio and visual effect. This combination works excellently on raptors.

Deter High-Flying Birds in sensitive areas, for example, vultures in a flight path at an airport or lift resting waterfowl lying beyond normal range in lakes, ponds, or over large bodies of water. Rather than relying on the single audio effect of a CAPA cartridge, the Range Extender allows you to mix audio and visual effects, reducing habituation and further reducing the costs of using long-range pyrotechnics.


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