RG-59 Five-Shot Launcher

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  • For sale ONLY to wildlife professionals. NOT FOR PUBLIC SALE
  • Revolver launcher for .380 blanks
  • The larger blanks can be used as a standalone deterrent or to power the five-shot adapter

The RG-59 Five-Shot Launcher uses powerful 9 mm (.380 cal.) centerfire blanks to launch pyrotechnic scare cartridges.

This launcher is intended to be used with the optional five-shot adapter . The adapter screws into the barrel and allows the simultaneous launching of any combination of up to four scare cartridges. This produces a bombardment-like effect resulting in extremely aggressive hazing. This rapid-firing model features a swing-out cylinder with a blank ejector.


  • Muzzle cup
  • Small cleaning brush
  • Instructions and Safety Information

The RG-59 Five-Shot Launcher launches all Margo Supplies 15mm pyrotechnic cartridges. This launcher can also be used without the pyro cartridges as the 9mm blanks deliver an extremely loud sound effect by themselves.


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Weight 1.35 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 cm