Record Maxx RK

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  • Recommended model for industrial use.
  • Pre-load six, 6mm blanks for rapid firing.
  • Swing out revolver-style cylinder, with built-in blank ejector.
  • Durable, well-built, and easy to clean.

The Record Maxx RK is the NEW scare launcher of choice for aviation and industry professionals. This launcher provides a safe, easy, and non-lethal conflict solution for wildlife professionals.

Best in its class, the Record Maxx RK is a 6-shot revolver-style launcher that holds 6mm blanks, allowing multiple pyrotechnic cartridges to be fired in quick succession. This launcher is compatible with all 15mm scare cartridges, including range extender rockets.

Launchers and scare cartridges are highly effective tools for deterring wildlife. Rapidly fire multiple cartridges to chase birds out of the control area. Using a combination of scare cartridges will produce a more effective deterrence strategy that will stop birds from returning to the area in the future.

Bear encounters happen quickly, the Record Maxx RK can be safely pre-loaded with blanks and holstered. In the event of a bear encounter, simply slip the scare cartridge into the muzzle for a reaction that is faster than with a pen-gun style launcher.

The simple and durable design makes it easy to clean which dramatically extends the life of the launcher. Equipped with an orange grip for safety.

Please note, this product is only available in the USA

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