Margo Trident Scare Cannon

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  • 3 Margo Electra Scare Cannons creates an extremely effective bird deterrent system
  • Protect high-value assets with maximum firing capabilities that deter even the most determined birds
  • Triple shot blast for shock and awe effect
  • Multiple control options

The Margo Trident uses 3 Electra Scare Cannons for maximum effect. All cannons are mounted in a single stationary box that creates multiple blasts that scare birds away from areas where they can cause damage to property or are at risk themselves. Protect high-value assets with maximum firing capabilities to deter even the most determined birds. The trident offers a multi-directional cannon configuration making it ideal for military and aviation industry use.

The Margo Electra Scare Cannon is the most sophisticated and durable scare cannon available. Used across the globe, the Margo Electra stands up to the harshest climates, always creating a 120 dB. blast that scares birds. Timed firing, multi-shot bursts, random modes, and on-demand remote detonation, and a wide variety of upgrades prevent bird habituation, keeping them away from the control area.

The Margo Trident has 3 control options:

The Margo Trident is a weather-proof self-contained unit that ships preassembled on a palette for quick deployment.



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Electra Timed Control, High-Frequency Radio Control, Cellular Control