Margo Electra with High-Frequency Radio Control

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  • Remote activated blasts up to 5mi (8km) away
  • 99 Channels, operates at 900MHz
  • Targeted on-demand 120 dB. blasts reduce bird habituation

The Margo Electra with High-Frequency Radio Control uses the Margo Electra Scare Cannon as a base, with the added high-frequency controller. The High-Frequency Radio Controller allows the user to fire the cannon remotely on a line of sight range of up to 8km (5mi). The High-Frequency Radio Control operates at 900MHz with 99 channels.

The Margo Electra Scare Cannon uses propane blasts to scare birds away from areas where they can cause damage to property or are at risk themselves, such as industrial sites, airports, and agricultural operations. The Margo Electra Scare Cannon is the most sophisticated and durable scare cannon available. Used across the globe, the Margo Electra stands up to the harshest climates, always creating a 120 dB. blast that scares birds.

Affordable Upgrades make the Electra useful for a huge range of wildlife control situations. The Rotating Tripod elevates the cannon above crops and provides 360 degrees of protection. Solar kits with 12V gel-cell batteries eliminate the need to replace or charge batteries, reducing the hours needed to maintain your bird scare program.

Other Variations of the Margo Electra Scare Cannon include the Margo Electra with Push Button Controller which allows the user to detonate the cannon on-demand for maximum effect.

Each Bird Control Cannon protects up to 6 acres of high-value food from heavy bird pressure and can protect lower-value attractants across an even larger area. Margo Scare Cannons have proven to be one of the most effective bird deterrents available. The Margo Electra is the base of bird deterrent programs across the world. Not only does the cannon directly scare birds, it also keeps them on edge across a larger area and therefore more susceptible to other deterrents. An effective bird control program uses audio, visual, and active deterrents to keep birds from becoming too used to any one deterrent. Occasionally reinforcing cannon blasts with pyrotechnics scare rounds, falconry, or our Bird Scare Laser teaches birds that there are consequences to cannon.

Frequently moving the cannons, using a tripod, or camouflaging the cannon keeps birds from associating the sounds with a single source.

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