Electric Fence Hardware is integral in the setup of electric fencing. We carry all the specialty hardware such as gripples, wire tensioners, post pin clips, and more.

Fence Alert

SKU: 3204
Fence Alert helps to protect your valuable livestock by providing a warning if your fence drops below the level required for effectiveness. 
$54.16 CAD

Single Pole Cut Out Switch

SKU: 3058
The single pole cut out switch allows you to turn off the electric fence without returning to the energizer.
$15.20 CAD

T-Post Mounting Bracket for Solar Energizer

SKU: 3016
The T-Post Mounting Bracket for Solar Energizer is a mounting component for Solar Energizers. 
$19.50 CAD
Oval Crimps in Electric Fencing from Margo Supplies

5/64″ Aluminum Oval Crimps

SKU: 3014
5/64" Aluminum Oval Crimps are used to make electrical connections for electric fencing. 25 crimps per bag.
$4.00 CAD
1/16" Cable Clamps For Electric Fencing from Margo Supplies

5/64″ Cable Clamps

SKU: 3125
1/16" Cable Clamps are a fast and easy way to connect fence wires. Re-usable for portable fencing
$0.25 CAD
Medium Wire Rope Gripple

Medium Wire Rope Gripple

SKU: 3023
Join, secure and tighten wire in seconds. Easy to use. Saves time and effort and is reusable. For use with Hi-Tensile Wire.
$2.05 CAD
Nicropress Wire Taps

Nicropress Wire Taps

SKU: 3024
Make strong electrical connections with Nicropress Wire Taps.
$56.60 CAD
Small Wire Rope Gripple

Small Wire Rope Gripple

SKU: 3022
Create quick wire connections and tension the fence line with this one simple tool. For use with Galvanized Steel Cable system.
$1.95 CAD
Snapmax Clips from Margo Supplies

Snapmax Clips

SKU: 3054
Snapmax Clips are used on fibreglass line posts for a quick and secure wire fastener. Used to set and adjust wire height.
$0.48 CAD