Counter Assault Bear Spray

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  • 230g canister
  • Works on Black, Grizzly, and Polar Bears
  • 1.84% concentration of Capsaicin and related Capsiacinoid pepper oil
  • Intuitive design is easy to use under pressure
  • Non-lethal, non-toxic for people and animals


Counter Assault Bear Spray has a NEW low-emission formula! Now you can protect yourself from bears while also avoiding bear sprays that contain high-emission propellants.

Bear spray stops in their tracks by dispersing a pepper cloud up to 9m (32ft). Bear Spray is the single most effective protection to carry when in bear country. Bears move very quickly, bear spray should be readied for use when the animal is 30m (100ft) away. It is useful to practice the drawing motion with the safety on or use the Inert Training Spray to practice deployment.

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1.84% Concentration of Capsaicin and related capsaicinoid pepper oil ensures bears will flee the area quickly. The 230g canister contains enough Bear Spray for 7.2 seconds of continuous spray, the 290g canister contains 9.2 seconds of continuous spray. The pepper ingredient causes an immediate and involuntary shutdown of the animal’s functions and prevents the completion of a charge. Bear Spray is non-toxic and does not cause any lasting harm to the animal. It is safer and more effective for people, while ultimately protecting bear populations as well. Counter Assault Bear Spray has a secure glow-in-the-dark safety and can be deployed quickly in an emergency.

Although rare, attacks on humans have occurred, inflicting serious injuries and death. Each bear and each experience is unique; there is no single strategy that will work in all situations and that guarantees safety. Most bear encounters end without injury. Following some basic guidelines may help to lessen the threat of danger.

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