Personal Bear Safety Kit

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  • Be prepared for bear country with pyrotechnic deterrents and bear spray
  • Prevents bear attacks and bear habituation to people and attractants
  • Two different pyrotechnic effects for increased effectiveness
  • A weatherproof dry box keeps supplies secure and protected

The Personal Bear Safety Kit is an expertly curated kit that allows users to feel safe in Bear Country. This kit is contained in a weatherproof dry box that keeps the essential bear deterrents safe, secure, and ready in case of an encounter. Kit includes a 230g canister of Counter Assualt bear spray with Margo holster, Record Single-Shot Pyrotechnic Launcher, and 12 pyrotechnic scare cartridges (6 rounds of screamers, 6 rounds of bangers, and 100 6mm blanks) with 2 cartridge holsters. This kit is ideal for day trips and back-country camping.

Bear Spray is the most effective way to prevent a bear attack. This is why we include Counter Assault Low-Emission Bear Spray and hip holster. It is important to ensure your bear spray is always ready for use. To learn more about the importance of carrying bear spray click here.

If you see a bear in the distance, respect its need for personal space. Do not approach it, even to get a photo, and give it as much room as possible. Consider turning around and leaving the way you came. To learn more about bear safety click here

Please Note: Items shown in the links are full box size quantities, these are shown for your information about the products included in our kit and do not reflect the quantities included in the kit. Please see item description above and the product photo for accurate size and quantity of items included in the Personal Bear Safety Kit. If you require larger quantities of items in kit, please see the Professional Bear Safety Kit.

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