Bird Scare Laser – Adjustable Beam

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  • Affordable and powerful, while still being safe for both humans and birds
  • Class 3A Laser
  • Up to 200m (650ft) night time range, daylight range of up to 20m (65ft) and 50m low light, overcast range (165ft)

Benefit from Laser Technology without spending a fortune. Safe, dependable, and affordable. The Bird Scare Laser is particularly useful in situations that require a lower impact approach than more aggressive sound deterrents.

Silently Chase Birds out of airports, golf courses, parks, warehouses, and agricultural operations with the Fly-Away Laser. Safe, effective, and affordable, the Fly-Away Laser produces a wide green spot that scares a variety of birds, including geese, crows, starlings, and many others. Birds associate the bright green light with the movements of a stalking predator and flee the area quickly. The laser is safe for both humans and birds and is a great tool to use when situations necessitate a quieter approach than noise based deterrents.

The Strongest Laser legal for use in Canada and easily meets the most stringent safety requirements. Classed as a 3a (3R, IIIa) laser, the Bird Scare Laser emits a 5mWatt, 532nm wavelength green laser that is safe for humans and animals. Other, more powerful laser light can reflect against surfaces and travel long distances in un-intended directions. The Fly-Away laser eliminates this risk while still being powerful enough to scare birds up to 50m (165’) during overcast days, and at dawn and dusk.

Dawn and Dusk is the time to unsettle birds and scare them from their roosts. After a few mornings and evenings of exposure to the laser, which from a bird’s perspective mimics predator behaviour, birds will typically leave the area for safer grounds. Use the laser light to slowly approach birds of all species. It is important that you provide an escape path – do not trap them in a corner. Instead, herd the birds towards safe exits. Start by consistently patrolling roosting areas at dawn and just after sundown.



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