Dead Pigeon Decoy

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  • Realistic decoy tricks pigeons into believing deterrents have consequences
  • Provide protection for property, gardens and farms
  • Hang from rafters, trees, propane cannons, or place on the ground

Visual Scare Products are a good non-lethal, environmentally friendly option to deter wildlife. The Dead Pigeon Decoy works by making it appear that landing on your property has consequences. This product is effective at keeping Pigeons and other birds from entering the area.

Using realistic decoys ensures the success of visual scare products. Because of this, we make sure to offer a lineup of decoys and kites that are believable to other animals. Pigeons leave droppings that deface and accelerate the breakdown of buildings, increasing the cost of maintenance. Over time, these droppings may kill vegetation and produce a strong odor. In order to avoid this, place a Dead Pigeon Decoy in the area to reduce the appeal of your property to this species. To learn more about Pigeons, click here.

Creating a deterrent system is the best way to keep wildlife away from your property or worksite. Although these products can be effective on their own, it is a good idea to combine multiple products for the best chance of success.

To learn how to keep unwanted birds away from your property, click here.

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