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Perched Peregrine Falcon Decoy from Margo Supplies

Perched Peregrine Falcon

SKU: 1935
Perched peregrine Falcon decoy keeps watch over your property, keeping smaller prey birds away and on edge.
$63.00 USD
Rancher Stockwhip

Rancher Stockwhip

SKU: 1711
The Rancher Stockwhip is the oldest wildlife deterrent on the planet. The Rancher Stockwhip is durable and resistant to water and dirt.
$90.00 USD

Cardboard Animal Carrier

SKU: 2000
Quick assembly cardboard animal carrier with air holes, folds flat for easy shipping and storage.
$19.69 USD
Nylon Bullwhip

Nylon Bullwhip

SKU: 1712
The Nylon Bullwhip (6ft) is fast and easy to crack. The crack combined with visual effect of a swinging whip scare works on various wildlife.
$115.00 USD

Bird Netting – 3/4″ Grid

SKU: 2018
Thin black plastic mesh netting creates a physical barrier to prevent birds from entering protected areas.
$372.00 USD

Leather Indiana Jones Bullwhip

SKU: 1713
The Leather Indiana Jones Bullwhip creates a loud cracking noise that scares wildlife from the area.
$118.00 USD
Coyote Decoy from Margo Supplies

Coyote Decoy

SKU: 1905
This Coyote Decoy is a 3D life-size predator replica that frightens geese, birds and, other small pests away. Highly visible, safe, and humane.
$84.00 USD
Poly Bullwhip from Margo Supplies

Poly Bullwhip

SKU: 1714
The Poly Bullwhip - 8ft creates a loud cracking noise that scares wildlife from the area.
$120.00 USD
Holographic Iridescent Guardian Owl

Holographic Guardian Owl

SKU: 1931
The Holographic Iridescent Guardian Owl creates bright reflective flashes, keeping birds frightened and on edge.
$18.00 USD