Using Electric Fencing to Manage Bear Conflict

Bear conflict, in large, is driven by food in Alberta. Margo Supplies Heavy Duty fence is the tool of choice for homeowners, hobby farms, and industry professionals. The Heavy Duty fence is a multi-functional carnivore fence that can be a standalone fence system or can be installed on an existing fence.

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Jay Honeyman is a bear conflict biologist with Alberta Environment and Parks. His job is large carnivore conflict mitigation and with that, he often deals with human-bear conflict. Jay explains the nature of these conflicts, and how installing a simple electric fence can protect high-value food sources from bears. From hobby farms to industry professionals, the benefits of electric fencing can be easily understood after speaking with Honeyman.

“By reducing conflict and reducing these attractants so that bears aren’t interested in coming onto people’s properties. We’re not having to euthanize bears, we’re not having to relocate bears, we’re not having property damage for the landowner, and we’re not having public safety issues with bears hanging around properties.”

Honeyman, 2021

Electric Fencing is an integral component for managing conflicts with bears, especially when bears are motivated to an area. Once a bear gets a food reward they become quite driven and they will return to the area. Electric fencing breaks this reward cycle and tells the bear that they need to move on.

“By removing the food source, it’s a win-win for everyone, and it’s something we should be doing more of”

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