Xtreme Siren Bear Deterrent

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  • 138 dB. High-pitched piercing screech frightens potentially dangerous wildlife
  • Excellent in situations where it is not possible to use other deterrents
  • Lightweight and compact deterrent

Scare Curious or Aggressive Wildlife away with the 138 dB high-pitched screech. The unnatural sound startles all types of animals, preventing potentially dangerous encounters. At just 6cm (2”) tall, it is compact enough to fit in your pocket.

The siren can be used to alert animals to your presence, preventing a surprise encounter or by deterring a curious or potentially aggressive animal. It can be used in extremely dry conditions where it is not possible to use bear bangers and can be deployed from inside a tent, making it a useful night-time deterrent. Able to be heard from over 500m (1600’) away, the siren is also useful as an emergency signal in survival situations.

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Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 cm

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