Whistle Cracker

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  • For sale ONLY to Government and Federal Explosives License Holders
  • All non-Government/FEL holder sales will be canceled
  • Combines effects of 12 ga Screamer and Shellcracker
  • Highly Effective medium range wildlife deterrent
  • 250 ft (76 m) Range
  • REQUIRED: Minimum 3″ Chamber, Open Choke 12 Gauge Shotgun

Introducing the 12 Gauge Whistle Cracker, exclusively designed for government agencies and Federal Explosives License holders.

Combining the effects of a screamer and banger, this 12 Gauge pyrotechnic marvel offers non-lethal wildlife control like never before. With its unique design, the Whistle Cracker is the ideal wildlife deterrent. Experience the convenience and power of this medium-range solution that combines multiple effects in a single shell. The 12 Gauge Whistle Cracker simplifies wildlife control while ensuring the safety of both humans and animals.

Safety is paramount when using the Whistle Cracker. Remember to never aim at wildlife, individuals, or property. Wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and ensure the shell is fired at a 45-degree angle for optimal effectiveness.

Created for wildlife professionals, the Whistle Cracker is a 3″ shell and requires a shotgun with a minimum 3″ chamber and open choke. We recommend a single-barrel shotgun with break action. DO NOT FIRE from a double barrel or semi-automatic shotgun.

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Weight 0.725748 kg
Dimensions 12.065 × 12.065 × 8.89 cm


25 Rounds