Margo Oversized Powder Ball Barrel

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  • Optimized for Powder Balls : Tailored for use with the Powder Balls . Using other barrels with the powder balls will affect performance and can be prone to issues of, jamming, residue buildup, and ball breakage.
  • Reliable Accuracy: Carefully designed to provide consistent and trustworthy results.
  • Optimal Velocity: Ensures a broad effective range without compromising accuracy.
  • Low Maintenance: Experience fewer cleaning sessions, facilitating uninterrupted wildlife control operations.
  • Competitive Pricing: Bundled free with every order of 2,000 powder balls.

Introducing the Margo Oversized Powder Ball Barrel, a pivotal tool tailored for wildlife control. After rigorous testing and development, this barrel has been crafted to deliver exceptional performance with powder balls.

Compatibility Note:
Current threads available are limited to Autococker and Tippman 98. Different marker models can have distinct threading. To guarantee a proper fit and optimal performance, please specify the marker models you’ll be pairing with our barrel. Threading variations can occur even within the same manufacturer.

Safety & Performance Advisory:
While other barrels might fit, using the Margo Oversized Powder Ball Barrel ensures peak performance and minimizes the risk of any complications while firing powder balls.

Ordering Details:
To place an order or for further inquiries, please contact our sales team. Remember to mention any specific marker models you’ll be using to ensure compatibility.

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Barrel Style

Autococker, Tippman 98