Margo Luminous Satellite Tracking Collar

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  • 1 GPS fix per hour
  • 2+ years standalone battery life
  • 5+ years battery life with solar
  • 170g device weight (~250g total weight)
  • High-resolution data

The Margo Luminous Satellite Tracking Collar is the result of four years of re-imaging wildlife tracking technology. We incorporated a single housing design, solar charging, and state-of-the-art reception which unlocks performance never before seen in a two-way satellite tracking collar. Our 170g device can collect hourly GPS fixes on a long-term basis and in ideal conditions will relay this position to our web interface seconds after collection – allowing near real-time monitoring. After extensive field testing, we are excited to release this product to the larger wildlife community.

Deployment Use Cases:

  • Limited beta release for researchers and resource managers
  • Suitable for medium and large mammals
  • Field tested on Columbia black-tailed deer and elk
  • Early access to the new standard of high-resolution geospatial data

Subscription model pricing – Only pay for the months you receive data. $ 65 CAD ($50 USD) per month, for 1 GPS fix per hour on each collar.