Margo Electra Cellular Control Plan – 1-Year Subscription Extension

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$80.00 USD

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Extend your Margo Electra Scare Cannon’s connectivity with the Margo Electra Cellular Control Plan – a supplementary one-year cellular service subscription. Perfect for customers who have exhausted their initial 2-year complimentary plan or for those seeking continued seamless monitoring and remote operation beyond the free period.

Key Features:

  1. Remote Monitoring and Firing: Utilize the Margo Supplies Cannon Control app to remotely monitor and fire your propane cannons from anywhere with cell reception. This feature is accessible through both desktop web browsers and mobile devices.
  2. Status Overview: Stay informed about the status, location, temperature, and voltage of your cannons through the user-friendly Cannon Control app interface.
  3. Group Firing: Efficiently manage multiple cannons by naming and grouping them for simultaneous firing, enhancing your bird control strategy.
  4. Firing Schedule: Set firing schedules remotely, allowing you to customize the operation of your cannons based on your specific needs.
  5. Maintenance Alerts: Receive live monitoring and app alerts for non-firing cannons, reducing maintenance costs and ensuring optimal performance.
  6. Live GPS Positioning: Automatically receive live GPS positioning of your cannons, providing real-time location data for enhanced security.

Carrier Coverage:

  • Bell Canada
  • Rogers Canada
  • Telus Canada
  • AT&T USA
  • T-Mobile USA

    * Note that customers under SaskTel are not covered. Please get in touch to confirm your coverage.