SKU: 6001
Accoustic bird and bear deterrent. Produces a loud screeching noise over 75m (250'). Unfamiliar sounds scare animals.
$29.85 CAD


SKU: 6003
The shells travel with a loud whistling sound their entire range of 75m (250’). The strange loud sound scares wildlife away.
$29.85 CAD
Bangers from Margo Supplies


SKU: 6000
Travels about 30m (90’) downrange and explodes with a loud report, scaring wildlife out of the control area.
$29.85 CAD
Pyrotechnic Screamers with Silver Comet

Screamers with Silver Comet

SKU: 6006
Highly visible cartridges produce a loud screeching noise with a sparkling tracer effect through entire range 75m (250’).
$31.95 CAD

Whistlers with Silver Comet

SKU: 6002
Travels through the air with a loud whistling noise and a sparkling tracer effect. Range of 75m (250’).
$31.95 CAD
12 Gauge Mega Flash Blank from Margo Supplies

12 Gauge Mega Flash Blank

SKU: 6611
12 Gauge Mega Blank creates intense sound and muzzle flash that startles and chases away problem wildlife.
$47.40 CAD
12 Gauge Shellcrackers - Long Range

12 Gauge Shell Crackers – Long Range

SKU: 6600b
Detonations above resting birds causes an immediate flee response. Our Long Range 12 Gauge Shellcrackers travel 450ft before exploding.
$72.10 CAD
12 Gauge Signal Flares

12 Gauge Signal Flares

SKU: 6602
The 12 Gauge Signal Flares from Margo Supplies come in red, green and white flares. Each Flare can reach heights of 80m (250’).
$15.00 CAD