Ultra-Portable Electric Fence Kit – 15′ X 15′

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  • Designed for short stays in bear country or to permanently protect lower-value attractants such as fruit trees and vegetable gardens
  • 4-strand all-positive polywire design
  • Includes electric fencer, posts, hardware, battery and comes complete with a durable nylon carry bag

The Ultra-Portable Electric Fence Kit allows you to sleep soundly in the backcountry knowing you and your camp are protected from bears. The Ultra-Portable Electric Fence Kit is specifically designed for work on bears and has been field-tested against Alaskan Brown bears and hungry Black Bears searching for a midnight snack. The portable barrier can be quickly and easily constructed.

Powered by the Parmak Mag 12 electric fence energizers, curious or aggressive wildlife are deterred by 10,000v shock that teaches them to stay away from your property. The four positively charged poly-wires keep bears from going above, through, or under the fence. Lightweight fiberglass posts create a strong structure but keep weight down. Easy to set-up and teardown, the kit is designed to be deployed many times.

Bears are attracted to food and other strong smells. Electric fences deliver a painful but harmless electric shock to bears and other intruding wildlife. A bear that is rewarded with human food will keep returning for more, often resulting in tragedy for the bear or even other people. Protect yourself with the Ultra-Portable fence while doing your part to keep bears wild.

15ftx15ft Kit Weighs 18kg (40lbs)

Additional information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 63 × 11 × 11 cm
Energizer Option

Dare Sentry Energizer (Batteries Not Included), Mag 12 with 7 Amp/Hr Battery & Econo Panel, Margo Solar 12 Energizer