RG-89 Six Shot Revolver Launcher

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  • Uses powerful 9mm (.380cal.) centerfire blanks to launch pyrotechnic scare cartridges
  • This launcher is intended to be used with the optional 5-shot adapter
  • The launcher holds six .380 blanks
  • Comes with a muzzle cup, a small cleaning brush, and instructions
  • Use .380 blanks for additional deterrent effect.

This rapid firing model features a swing-out cylinder with a blank ejector. This model will launch all Margo Supplies 15mm pyrotechnic cartridges.

Stacking scare cartridges with the 5-shot adaptor produces a bombardment effect for extremely aggressive hazing. Can also be used without the pyrotechnic cartridges as the 9mm blanks deliver a loud sound effect on their own.


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Weight 1.44 kg
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 3 cm