Powder Ball .68 Cal

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    • Explodes on impact with a powder puff for an added visual deterrent effect
    • Golf-ball dimpling for longer distance and stable flight
    • Stable for long-term storage and are not affected by cold, unlike traditional paintballs
    • No risk of accidental animal ingestion
    • Approx. 500 balls per bag or 2,000 balls per box

Powder Ball .68 Cal steer Target Animals in a desired direction as dry powder creates a puff of powder on impact with the animal or on the ground. Unlike traditional paintballs, there is no risk of accidental animal ingestion with the dry powder fill.

Powder Balls Fly Further and with more precision than standard paintballs making them an effective impact deterrent for bears, moose, deer, cougar, and other large mammals. Also, a good scare tool for birds and waterfowl.

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Weight 0.855 kg
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Approx. 2000 Balls, Approx. 500 Balls