Ketch-All Extension Pole

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  • The additional length offers more protection to the handler
  • The telescoping snare pole is made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Swivel head mechanism
  • Available in two sizes: 4′ – 6′ OR 7′- 12′

The Ketch-All Extension Pole is a product endorsed by zoos, humane centers, animal shelters, and veterinarians throughout the world.

A sturdy and easy-to-use extendable snare pole for when extra length is necessary. When retracted, the Ketch-All Extension pole is a heavy duty restraining option.


Available in two sizes:

4-6ft (1.2 – 1.8m) / 4lb (1.8kg)

7-12ft (2.1-3.7m) / 6lb (2.7kg)

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7-12' Extension, 4-6' Extension