5-Shot Adapter

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  • Adapter allows for 5 shots at once for an aggressive deterrent.
  • Capatable with RG-59, RG-89, RG-88 launchers.
  • For use with 9mm and .380 blanks.

The 5-shot adapter allows for increased multi-shooter capabilities for compatible launchers. This adapter allows the user to simultaneously fire any combination of 15mm scare cartridges with only one, single blank cartridge, producing a bombardment-like effect resulting in aggressive hazing. Attach the 5-shot multi-shooter to the muzzle of the 9mm launcher by means of the screw-in connecting adapter, replacing the usual barrel extension (muzzle cup). Five shots at once for a very aggressive deterrent.

Compatible with RG-59, RG-89, RG-88.

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