12 Gauge Whistlers

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  • Greater range and accuracy than 15mm Whistler Cartridges
  • For use in 12 Gauge Open-Choke, 2 3/4” Chamber Shotguns
  • 25 Rounds per box
  • Does not require the purchase of a separate launcher

12 Gauge Whistlers are a non-contact animal deterrent. Whistlers can be used to deter birds from valuable crops, airport runways, and industrial sites.

Whistlers travel approximately 275 – 300ft while emitting a loud whistle noise, scaring any birds in the area. Ideal for use when birds are out of range of other pyrotechnics; they are particularly useful for lifting ducks and geese over water. Detonations directly above resting prey birds cause an immediate flee response due to both the startling noise and the fear of attack from above.

Added range and precision is ideal for Wildlife Professionals and other Industry Professionals.

We recommend:

  • Use clean open-choke shotguns only.
  • Use Single-Shot break-action shotguns.
  • Always wear hearing and eye protection.

Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. Please note, this product is only available in the USA

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