12 Gauge Rubber Slug (Extended Range)

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  • Slug is 2¾”
  • Extended range slugs are intended for use from 90 – 150 ft (27 – 46 m)
  • Sold per 10 Rounds, or 25 Rounds

The 12 Gauge Rubber Slug is a non-lethal wildlife deterrent. A Rubber Slug is a projectile that delivers a painful impact without causing injury. This is enough to deter wildlife from aggressive or unwanted behavior. Slug flattens upon impact. Because of this, the pressure disperses, creating a painful experience. We recommend firing into the rump or other fatty tissue to reduce the chance of injury.

Extended-Range deterrent round to be used between 90 – 150 ft (27 – 46 m). The rubber round flattens on impact, spreading the force to create a painful experience but reducing the chances of injury. This 2¾”, 12-gauge shell is for use in Open, Cylinder or Improved Cylinder-choked shotguns only.

Margo Supplies also offers a 12 Gauge Rubber Slug (mid-range). Mid-Range slugs are for distances of 45 – 120 ft (14 – 37 m).

A valid PAL and government-issued photo ID are required at purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR USA CUSTOMERS: We are only able to sell ammunition to government agencies (airports, wildlife services, state and local governments. Orders to USA private individuals and companies will not be processed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Weight 0.45 kg

10 Rounds, 25 Rounds