Nicropress Wire Taps

Nicropress Wire Taps

SKU: 3403
Make strong electrical connections with Nicropress Wire Taps.
$48.50 USD

Underground/Hook-Up Wire

SKU: 3120
Double insulated, galvanized wire for electric fencing hook/ups, undergrounds, and electrical connections.
$10.08 USD
Dare Screw-Tight Round Post Insulator

Dare Screw-Tight Round Post Insulator

SKU: 3331
Insulate round posts 1/4” to 7/8” in diameter. The Spin-On Insulators are easy to install and can be adjusted with the fence on.
$8.00 USD
Wrap Around Insulators

Dare Wrap Around Insulators

SKU: 3313
19” insulated tubing with one flat side to tightly fit against a post. Useful for tying off wire at fence end posts.
$1.80 USD
Dare Sentry Fence Energizer

Dare Sentry Fence Energizer

SKU: 3011
The Dare Sentry Fence Energizer is a lightweight portable electric fence energizer. The Sentry is great for backcountry use.
$172.40 USD