From Fruit to Fences: How I Became a Leader in Wildlife Management

My name is Jeff Marley and I’m the founder and owner of Margo Supplies. Working on my wife’s family orchard, I quickly learned how wildlife damage can impact total yields. I began experimenting with pyrotechnic scare cartridges and developed my own techniques to reduce damage in our fields back in the late 1970s. Using this experience, I began to develop my own techniques to reduce the incidents of wildlife in our fields.

Developing these products became a passion of mine. After moving to Alberta, I started expanding my product offerings, sold units to neighbouring farms, then began working with government agencies and other industries. Margo Supplies was born in 1980. 

Behavioural-Based Solution

Throughout my career in wildlife management, I’ve learned the importance of working with and taking advantage of natural animal behaviour. By creating a “landscape of fear,” we can deter animals from entering control areas and create lasting changes in the local environment – your control area. Our goal is to get the target animals to associate your control area with negative stimuli, reducing their determination to enter the area. 

Behavioural solutions are often the best way to ensure that an animal doesn’t simply replace another in the future. We want to create a lasting impact in the target area. Whether you have issues with birds eating your fruit or bears invading your camps and parks, if you convince them it’s unsafe, they will learn. 


By protecting an area using our “landscape of fear” tactic, we can achieve behavioural-based solutions in a humane and environmentally friendly way. Our use of visual, auditory, or painful stimulants in the control area are more effective – which saves you money over time. Lethal tactics can solve one problem, but it won’t solve multiple ones down the line. I know first-hand that a predominantly non-lethal philosophy will better serve your needs. 

Systems-Based Approach 

We take a systems-based approach to resolving wildlife conflict issues. This means by using our tools and techniques, we’ll help you create a comprehensive strategy that will keep unwanted wildlife away from the control area. Our systems and philosophy are implemented on our site and used by many of our industry partners. We extensively research and test each system and product. 

Logistics Support

Conflict with wildlife often happens in the backcountry. We understand these are remote areas, that are difficult to ship to – and when you need a product, you need it right away. That’s why we’ve set up four shipping warehouses to dramatically reduce the time it takes to get you your solutions. We’ve shipped to every corner of the globe. 

Practical Solutions

We are manufacturers and users of our products. We prefer to use simple, yet effective tools that don’t get in the way of your home or operation. And because they’re effective, you likely will incur fewer costs with generate better results. 


I’m in this business because I love the outdoors. I believe it’s important to give back to support wildlife conservation efforts. We donate our time, products and services as well as financial support to the conservation of black, grizzly and polar bears in western North America and the High Arctic. 

After over 35 years, I’ve worked with and gained insight into the various needs of industry, government, and outdoors people, and feel confident that my expertise can create a lasting solution for your needs. 

-Jeff Marley

Margo Supplies was born out of a love for the backcountry life, a desire to help people’s businesses thrive, and a respect for the wildlife that share our planet with us.